Game Clearing 2019 Tracker

What is this?

My primary hobby is playing video games, of many different genres on many different systems. Because of this, I've accumulated a sizable backlog of games that I haven't finished, or even started. While websites dedicated to cataloging backlogs of games exist, I want to create a site that keeps track of my personal progress during my game clearing journey for 2019, including games I’m currently playing, games I want to play, and games I’ve already beaten.

They way this site works is that there are 6 pages. There’s the home page (this one) which provides a quick summary of what I’m currently playing and what I last beat. There’s the currently playing page, which is self-explanatory, the game queue page, which has a list of games that I own that I’m planning on playing and beating, a gallery for screenshots and cover arts for said games, and then there’s the games cleared page, a list of games that I’ve beaten that’ll be updated as I beat them. There's also a page where you can suggest a game to me to play, as well.

Recent Games